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Teachers have been challenged to be responsible professionals, to display positive work ethics, and to provide strong leadership in the community.
This charge was given by Guidance Counsellor at Hampton High School, in St. Elizabeth, Petla Davis, while addressing a recent staff development seminar, at the Elderslie Primary and Junior High School, in the parish.
“As professionals, we are special, with education and training to perform a critical type of work – teaching. This job must be done at the highest standard. We must always affirm our profession by positive utterances, and give listening ears to the children under our care,” Miss Davis said.
She reminded the teachers and school administrators that the attributes of a responsible educator are: being able to listen, being a good communicator, and being accountable. “Be in charge of your surroundings. Be willing to take the blame if you do not act responsibly. Let us encourage those in our care to be kind, street- wise and polite in all that they do,” she added.
Miss Davis emphasised that teachers must also help students to understand that they have to place great effort, care, determination, perseverance, courage and love in whatever is to be achieved.
“We all want to be successful, not only because of personal and professional pride, but mainly because we want to see our students succeed. Our society has many faces, but let us as professionals choose one – let’s be positive. As the teacher is the guardian of the nation’s treasure, its children, let’s do the best we can, so that the impact can be felt in the school, the home and the community,” she implored.

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