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The Jamaica Stock Exchange has seen an increase in both the volume and value of stocks traded since the Jamaica Debt Exchange (JDX) in February, Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Hon Audley Shaw, said Wednesday (April 21).
Mr. Shaw credited the increases to the fall in interest rates as a result of the JDX, explaining that there is a positive relationship between falling interest rates and increased stock market activities.
A comparison of the Exchange’s performance in March and February showed that, in February, a total of 64.2 million of ordinary units were traded, while a total of 249.14 million units crossed the floor in March. This made for a total increase of 288 per cent.
In terms of the ordinary value of stocks traded, $744.3 million were traded in February, in comparison to $2.042 billion in March.
Mr. Shaw said that the establishment of the Junior Stock Exchange was already bearing fruit. The Junior Stock Exchange allows small and medium-sized companies to access equity financing to improve their competitiveness.
He noted that one company has already been listed, another is to be listed Thursday (April 22) and at least five other companies are positioning themselves to be listed this year.

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