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MANDEVILLE — Stakeholders in St. Elizabeth have welcomed the newly built Nain Early Childhood Institution and St. Elizabeth Resource Centre.

The facility, constructed by the Ministry of Education at a cost of $72 million, will accommodate 75 students and provide training and professional support for practitioners.

“Having a resource centre of this type augurs well for the development of early childhood education in the parish,” stated Chairman of the St. Elizabeth Early Childhood Parish Board, Wilburn Barton, at the official opening ceremony held recently.

“Teachers can come here for workshops and seminars and it will enable them to be better equipped to discharge their responsibilities,” he added.

He gave the full commitment of the parish board “as we seek to lift the standard of education”.

Principal of the institution, Netica Foster, pledged to “make the best use of this facility” as we continue to mold the lives of children, who are entrusted in our care and prepare them for a higher level of education”.

Member of Parliament for South East St. Elizabeth, Franklyn Witter, in welcoming the facility, said it is crucial that increased focus is placed on early childhood education to realise the goals of Vision 2030 Jamaica.

“I commend the Ministry of Education for the vision and foresight in making sure that we have such a wonderful institution,” he said.

Pastor of the St. Steven’s Anglican Church, which donated the land for the facility, the Rev. Father Richard Tucker, stated that the church is proud of its involvement in the project. “We will continue to be involved in education, because we know the importance of education to our nation,” he said.

Meanwhile, Minister of Education, Hon. Andrew Holness, who opened the facility, made a plea for community involvement in the maintenance of the institution.

“The Government will have some provisions for maintenance but one of the effective roles that parents have played in the education system is supporting the school plant. So, I want to encourage parents, that, in addition to ensuring that your child makes the most of this opportunity, that you assist the school in ensuring that the plant is maintained,” he urged.