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The Yallahs Primary School in St. Thomas has suffered extensive damage with the passage of Hurricane Ivan. The facility is also without electricity and water.Principal of the school, Jean Carr told JIS News that staff members and parents were currently cleaning the building in preparation for the re-opening of the institution.
“We cannot at this time say precisely when we will be opened but we are looking forward to, maybe, Monday,” she said, adding that cleaning was being hampered by the lack of water.
Miss Carr pointed out that 36 persons were still sheltering at the school, and only classrooms that were not occupied would be prepared for re-opening. She said that efforts were being made to temporarily repair sections of the building that were damaged by the heavy rainfall, and pointed out that one of the two main buildings suffered extensive damage to its roof and walls.
The Principal is appealing for assistance to purchase plyboard, ceiling materials and paint to begin repairs as soon as possible. She said that water had seeped into the school’s bookroom, causing damage to some of the textbooks belonging to the students.
She is also calling on the parents and friends of the school to assist in repairing the partially destroyed school’s fence. “That is something we have to address urgently, because we want to protect ourselves here,” she emphasized.
Melvina Henry from East Albion in Yallahs, who is staying at the shelter, told JIS News that she and her three grandchildren had lost all their belongings after their home was blown down. However, she was thankful for the assistance at the shelter.
“We thank God for it, because we never had any money. We still don’t have water and we need clothes and other things for the children,” she said.

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