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The St. Ann Parish Council has introduced a number of traffic changes to the major towns in the parish to relieve congestion on the roads during the Christmas season.
Secretary/Manager of the Parish Council, Dorothy Delgado said the towns to be affected are Ocho Rios, St. Ann’s Bay and Brown’s Town.
Outlining the arrangements, she said that in Ocho Rios, the concrete island at Clock Tower would be extended in an easterly direction along Main Street up to the pedestrian crossing in the vicinity of Mother’s Restaurant. This will prevent motorist from making u-turns or turning onto James Avenue.
Changes in St. Ann’s Bay took effect yesterday and involves the diversion of vehicles from Harbour Street left unto Park Avenue and unto Main Street in the vicinity of the Esso service station. In addition, Bravo Street and Park Avenue will become one-way and directional signs will be erected to assist motorists as they proceed through the town.
Mrs. Delgado said that the arrangements made to monitor traffic in Brown’s Town would be such that vehicles entering the town from the North Coast would be detoured at the keep left sign at the Cool Oasis Gas Station in an easterly direction along Huntley Avenue.
“Commuters will be given the option of turning unto St. Hilda’s Drive where they can park on the side of the streets or go directly to the municipal car park,” she said.
She mentioned that commuters who chose to continue on to Top Road would be able to turn left if they were going to Alexandria or turn right if they were going to Brown’s Town, Standfast or Trelawny.The changes in Brown’s Town will take effect from 5:00 p.m. on December 24 until 8:00 a.m. on December 25.
“It is expected that with these changes traffic will run smoothly throughout all the major towns and the citizens of St. Ann will enjoy their Christmas in an orderly environment,” Mrs. Delgado stated.

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