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Farmers in the parish of St. Ann are being encouraged to practice low cost land husbandry throughout this hurricane season, as this will reduce the risk of major agricultural losses.
Parish Manager for the St. Ann branch of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), Pedro Worghs, told JIS News that the passage of hurricanes, Dennis and Emily, had resulted in farmers suffering agricultural losses, valued at $48.4 million.
Noting that a total of 111 hectares of crops were damaged, Mr. Worghs said some 530 farmers in the parish suffered losses. “Hectares of pulses, vegetables, condiments and cereal were damaged and the parish’s livestock was affected as well. A total of 5,000 broilers and 1,000 layers were also destroyed,” he said.
He stated that the farmers in areas such as Cave Valley, Water Valley, Pedro River and Douglas Castle were most affected, as these areas were flooded by the heavy rains.
“Farm roads were also damaged by the hurricanes. Roads such as Top Cascade, Coffee Ridge, Seville Heights and Mount Moriah, among others. These roads are urgently in need of repairs so that the farmers can continue their farming activities,” Mr. Worghs informed.
He used the opportunity to appeal to those farmers who suffered agricultural losses to be patient, as work was in progress for them to receive relief assistance.

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