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Technical Director for the Southern Regional Health Authority (SRHA) Dr. Michael Coombs, has expressed concern about the recent spate of bush fires in central Jamaica, noting that they posed health problems for persons who suffered from respiratory conditions.
Dr. Coombs said that many of the fires seemed to have been caused by persons burning garbage or clearing their land for cultivation. “In this time of drought when all our fire units are hard pressed and there is not much water available to combat the spread of any outbreak, which may occur, I think that we should all think twice before we light that match,” told JIS News.
Dr. Coombs pointed out that whenever a fire got out of control there was always the attendant danger of persons losing property, life and limb.
He noted that additionally, the soot generated by burning affected many individuals especially those who were asthmatic. “I expect to see many more cases of respiratory ailments and of course, this will lead to further stress on our hospitals and health facilities. Please, be aware that we are now in a period when there is little or no rain so the issue of conservation of water should be at the forefront of the mind of each person,” he said.
Dr. Coombs also cautioned persons who smoke to dispose cigarettes properly. “My advice is that whenever you finish smoking, please do not throw the cigarette butt outside the window of the motor vehicle, take the necessary steps to ensure that the flame is out and dispose of it properly in a waste bin,” he said.

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