It has been said that the “medium is the message”. One could be forgiven if one were to suggest that this could be applied, without fear of contradiction, to Oliver Frederick Clarke.

His message has always been steeped in the principles of integrity and service to country, sprinkled with wry humour, and his access to a medium or media for his message has expanded with the passage of time.

However, to stop there would be a disservice to the life of a true Jamaican patriot, because by his consistency of purpose, word and deed, Oliver became the medium and his vision the message.

I remember him well like so many others who have shared as they remind us of many facets of his career. My memory of Oliver which I choose to share is of our discussions in a little restaurant on Main Street in May Pen as Oliver made one of many road trips to secure funding for the then vilified and financially pressured Gleaner.

The fortunate outcome of his tireless efforts is the press freedom which so many media houses in Jamaica enjoy today. As a fellow publisher I am honoured, privileged and humbled to have known and to have been inspired by OFC.

Farewell Oliver, and the printer’s devil be damned.

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