The Ministry of Education would like to reject claims that Principals of Secondary schools were not consulted on the issue of auxiliary fees. The Ministry would like to place on the record the fact that in early July, a bulletin with the guidelines governing auxiliary fees was dispatched to Principals of all Public Secondary schools.
In addition, the Honourable Minister of Education and other senior officers of the Ministry had consultations on the matter with the Association of Principals and Vice Principals, the Jamaica Association of Secondary School Principals as well as the Jamaica Teachers Association. At the meetings, the Executive of both associations of Principals articulated their willingness to support the Ministry’s position.
The Ministry of Education enjoys a very good relationship with the two associations of Secondary School Principals as well as other key stakeholder groups in the Education system. The Ministry is therefore committed to maintaining these relationships and is prepared to engage in further discussions to resolve any concern that may result from the position on auxiliary fees.

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