“In my Closing Budget presentation on March 23, I announced additional support of $126 million for the vulnerable through the Constituency Development Fund (“CDF”) which would make available J$2 million for each Constituency.

I also explained that, for technical and logistics reasons, this disbursement would occur in the new financial year that began on Holy Thursday (April 1).

For accountability and transparency these kinds of allocations are disbursed through the CDF and relevant implementing agencies rather than directly to Members of Parliament.

There is therefore a natural gap between when instructions are given for the transfer of funds from the Consolidated Fund to the CDF, and when these funds can be made available for implementation by Members of Parliament.

I expect that tomorrow, the first full working day in the new financial year, the head of the CDF will confirm receipt of the $126m from the Consolidated Fund.

As required by relevant GOJ rules and regulations, upon that confirmation, the CDF will send to Members of Parliament the requisite forms and regulations, in regards to this allocation.

Members of Parliament can then access their constituency’s allocation to procure basic food items for the vulnerable and underserved via the implementing agency of their choice.”


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