The Ministry of Health can confirm that seven (7) cases of tuberculosis were identified among persons who were remanded in Police Lock-Ups in the KSA between January-August 2013. Investigations so far reveal that the infections are unlikely to have been acquired in lockups but rather in their communities of origin.

The public can be assured that active cases are being treated in keeping with established protocols. In addition field investigations by the KSA health Department are ongoing including investigation and screening of household contacts and imates in the affected lockups.

Further the Ministry can confirm that to date no new active cases have been identified in the lockups. Based on the latest data analysis including the comparison of cases between the corresponding periods for  2012 and 2013 and, the geographic distribution of these cases, the MOH has determined that the number of cases is not outside what is normally expected  based on the burden of disease for tuberculosis in Jamaica. We continue to monitor the situation.


Michael P. Coombs, MBBS, MPH

Chief Medical Officer


Neville Graham (317-8721)

Stephanie Shaw Smith

Public Relations & Communication Unit

Tel: 967-1561

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