We are already beginning to experience the effects of Hurricane Ivan and it is clear that the severity of this hurricane will have extremely serious effects as predicted. Flooding has already begun in some places.
In accordance with our constitution I’ll be advising the governor General today to issue a proclamation declaring a period of public emergency in the island and its territorial waters with immediate effect.
The hurricane is likely to endanger public safety and has the potential to deprive the community of essential supplies and services as well.
As the first effects of the hurricane continue to be felt ODPEM reports that already some of our coastal roads are becoming inundated. In other AREAS roads are already impassable.
I cannot urge too strongly that residents living near the coast and low lying areas must evacuate before it is too late. Shelter is available in schools and some of our churches where you can remain for the duration of the hurricane. You will be able to return to your homes as soon as it is safe to do so..
I cannot stress too strongly or too often that Ivan is a very very dangerous hurricane. What we are experiencing now is only the beginning. Projections are that the eye of the storm will pass later than was originally anticipated, that is some time tonight. This means that the strongest winds and more torrential rains are still to come.
I appeal to everyone to continue to exercise extreme care and caution. Continue to follow the advice of OPPEM and keep listening to your radios for updates which the media has been most helpful in providing.

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