Christmas Message – 2009 Acting Commissioner of Police Owen Ellington

Christmas is for most Jamaicans a time to take a break from work, for family and friends. In celebrating this holiest of Christian holidays, we should not lose sight of the fact that there are those in the society and amongst our membership who are experiencing difficult times. Help those less fortunate than us especially the families of members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy the blessings of Christmas.
It is vitally important that we as a police organisation should participate and cooperate with citizens for the sake of the wellbeing of the whole community and ultimately the country. Winning the trust and confidence of the people will help us the police in better securing the nation.
There is certainly much more to be done and many challenges to be overcome. This is why the drive to transform the JCF into a more professional organisation will continue and continue apace.
I am publicly urging members of the JCF, the Island Special Constabulary Force and the Rural Police to designate the New Year – 2010 – as the year of change. Year 2010 must be the year when we increase our efficiencies by providing an improved quality of service to citizens of Jamaica and also the year when we break the back of corruption in the organisation. It is my hope that all policemen and women will rally to my call. I also urge citizens to help by proving the relevant information.
We need to realise that peaceful and steady progress in our society is constantly being threatened by the actions of a minority who pursue a criminal course. Despite these challenges there is every reason to be hopeful about the future. I certainly recognise that much has been achieved and we have so much to build on.
All this year we seem to have had nothing but bad news with a constant stream of reports of police engagement in corruption and other unprofessional conduct.
Yet there is a lot of good news and some wonderful things are going on in spite of the frightening headlines. I speak of the bravery of our officers in testing circumstances and I speak of the majority in our ranks who, day in, day out, work and conduct themselves in a professional manner.
Christmas is a time of good news. I believe it is a time to look at the good things in life and to remember that there are a great many people trying to make Jamaica a better place, even though their efforts may go unrecognised.
There is a lesson in this for us all and we should never forget our obligation to make our own individual contributions, however small, towards the sum of human goodness.
Let us give thanks for our many blessings. I wish you all a very happy Christmas and all that is good and productive in 2010.

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