Just over a year ago, the people of Jamaica sent a clear message that they wanted new and better leadership after years of little or no economic growth, social stagnation and decay.

By endorsing our proposals to take Jamaica from poverty to prosperity under the leadership of Prime Minister Andrew Holness, the people have placed their hopes and dreams in our hands.

Mr. Speaker, today I want to emphasize the progress we have made thus far on our journey to prosperity, and the path we will travel together in the coming fiscal year.

Mr. Speaker, in pursuing our journey together, let us be reminded of what Ralph Waldo Emerson, the famous poet said: “Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.”

Mr. Speaker, with this brief introduction, I want to turn your attention to the structure of my presentation today:

I. Review of Economy for FY 2016/17
II. Macroeconomic and fiscal targets for FY 2017/18
III. Policy Priorities on Our Journey to Prosperity
IV. Highlights of the Expenditure Budget FY2017/18
V. Financing and Revenue Programme for FY 2017/18
VI. Revenue Measures for FY 2017/18 VII. Conclusion

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