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Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Hon Audley Shaw, has said that, although the government has not made a formal pronouncement on the rationalization of the public sector, the recommendations of the transformation team are being worked on.

“In some areas where the recommendations are pretty straight forward and practical, work is already being done to begin the process,” he told the House of Representatives Tuesday (March 8).

Mr. Shaw was responding to questions from Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Dr. Omar Davies, regarding efficiency in the public sector and the status of the government’s rationalization and transformation strategy.

He noted that in terms of his own Ministry, he has made a submission to Cabinet for a team to examine merging the Jamaica Racing Commission (JRC) with the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Commission (BGLC), as one area where efficiency can be improved, while cutting down on the number of agencies.

Mr. Shaw stressed that transformation was not simply about numbers, and increasing or decreasing the size of the public sector.

“The final product (will be) the result of the kind of deliberation that is now taking place…the objective is to increase efficiency, increase service delivery, (and) cut out corruption,” he said.

He pointed out that Cabinet is now doing the necessary deliberations, as it is going to be a process, not a single event.

Meanwhile, the House approved the Civil Service Establishment General Amendment Order 2011, to indicate changes to the Civil Service General Order 2010. The amendment order reflected changes in established posts/offices; and abolished posts or offices.

Some 260 new posts have been created, 130 upgraded, 98 reclassified, and 260 retitled, and 153 posts were abolished from ministries and departments. The order was approved in accordance with the Civil Service Establishment Act of 1975.



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