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Minister of with responsibility for Information and Patron of the St. Elizabeth Homecoming Foundation, Senator the Hon. Sandrea Falconer, on Saturday (June 29), handed over a $300,000 poultry project to resident of Braes River, St. Elizabeth, Leisha Griffiths.

The project is an economic initiative of the Foundation, which saw Ms. Griffiths receiving a chicken rearing facility, 50 chickens, and several bags of feed. In addition, she will benefit from technical support over the next six months, to assist her in developing the undertaking.

The Foundation offered to assist the mother of four, after learning her challenges in efforts to make adequate and sustainable provisions for her family.

Addressing the handing over ceremony in Braes River, Senator Falconer said the assistance extended is a “fine example of purposeful transformation in action” which should significantly improve Ms. Griffiths’ wellbeing.

“The decision of the (St. Elizabeth Homecoming) Foundation to provide this economic project of a chicken rearing opportunity to Ms. Griffiths goes beyond providing a measure of assistance to another St. Elizabethan. This project is bringing to life the old adage of ‘teaching a man or woman to fish rather than giving them a fish’.

“It is not about providing her with some food for today, but giving her the opportunity to provide food for tomorrow. It is about giving her that opportunity to change her life and that of her family,” Senator Falconer stated.

The Information Minister argued that opportunity influences change and makes a difference in people’s lives. She contended that where there is a lack of opportunity, it is unlikely that persons will be able to fulfill their potential.

“The St. Elizabeth Homecoming Foundation must be commended for continuing to deliver life-changing opportunities, not only to Ms. Griffiths, but to hundreds of residents of this parish, whose lives have been touched and changed by its work over these 21 years (of its existence). I commend the leadership and all who have played a role in making this economic project a reality,” Senator Falconer said.

The Minister also urged Ms. Griffiths to do everything possible to transform the project into a successful venture.

“This venture upon which you are about to embark, has the potential to grow. You are starting out with 50 chickens, but you do not have to stop there. Turn the opportunity that has been presented to you into opportunities for others. Great rivers flow from small tributaries and your small project today can become a project of broader community relevance tomorrow,” Senator Falconer told her.

In expressing gratitude to all of the stakeholders contributing to the project’s realization, the Minister said their involvement is demonstrative of the extent of “positive social responsibility” which they continue to display, despite prevailing economic challenges.




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