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Several persons residing near the Kaiser Jamaica Bauxite Company (KJBCo) operational areas in Discovery Bay and its environs, in St. Ann, turned out at the Kaiser Sports Club, recently, to participate in a seminar on sustainable community development.
The seminar was geared toward addressing the growing concern of unemployment, imparting knowledge and ideas for income generating projects, and pointing the way forward for self-growth and development.
Several organizations including the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), the Micro Investment Development Agency (MIDA), the Peoples Co-operative Bank, and the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), made presentations at the seminar.
Bringing greetings on behalf of KJBCo, Human Resources Manager, Nelson Barton, said the company was happy to stage the event, pointing out that the large turnout of persons sent a strong signal that the community was on board with the concept of helping communities to help themselves.
Encouraging the participants to use the information garnered for the enrichment of the entire community, Mr. Barton said, “we live in a competitive world, where survival is the name of the game, and being one step ahead in creativity and innovation, is of critical importance in winning this game”.
Commending KJBCo for the effort, Mayor of Trafford, England, Councillor Whit Stennett, a former Discovery Bay resident, said the seminar was timely as it was geared toward providing a solid platform for community sustainability. He appealed to the participants to make full use of the information passed on to them, and offered to provide an international link to the process.
Manager of the St. Ann Community Development Fund, Frederick Young, described the seminar as “very innovative and participant friendly”, pointing out that the imparting of knowledge for development was critical to everybody “as it makes them aware of the opportunities and challenges that we all have to face”.

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