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The Mexican Embassy has reported that the Jamaican students who are currently in Mexico to take up scholarships awarded by that government are settling in well, with their main concern being the language barrier.
Twelve students are enrolled in the National Autonomous University of Mexico, on the Taxco campus, where they are enrolled in Spanish language courses, before commencing school in September. The Embassy Spokesperson said a six-month period is being used to acclimatize the students to both the new culture and language, before they begin their courses of study.
In January this year the Mexican government awarded full undergraduate and graduate 4-year scholarships to 20 Jamaican students to pursue university studies in Mexico. The scholarships were awarded under the Jamaica/Mexico bilateral co-operation programme, which is based on the Scientific/Technical and Cultural/Education Co-operation signed by both countries in 2002.
The Bachelor’s Degree Scholarship Programme is a new project based on the President of Mexico’s aim to strengthen relationship between Mexico and Jamaica.
The eight students who had remained in Jamaica due to their knowledge of the Spanish language will depart the island in March to take up their scholarships.
The Embassy Spokesperson told JIS News that the 20 students would study at different universities while in Mexico, and would be required to sit entrance examinations before entering these institutions.
While in Mexico the students will pursue studies in various areas, including Medicine, Media and Communication, International Relations, Computer Science, Environmental and Construction Engineering as well as Psychology.
The Spokesperson said that all was in place for the parents of the students to visit Mexico, as they would be given special consideration when they apply for visas to enter the country.

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