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The Banana Spring to Spot Valley main road in Eastern St. James is scheduled to be extensively rehabilitated, at a cost of approximately $10 million.
This will be undertaken through the collaborative efforts of a number of public and private sector organisations, led by Member of Parliament Edmund Bartlett and the St. James Parish Council.
A Memorandum of Understanding outlining the collaborative initiative for the 2.9-kilometre roadway, was signed on March 30 by the stakeholders, in the St. James Parish Council Chamber, in Montego Bay.
The stakeholders have committed to providing the resources to ensure that the work is carried out.
Mr. Bartlett will contribute some $1 million from the Constituency Development Fund; the St. James Parish Council, $1.5 million; Rose Hall Development, $500,000 for the purchase of asphalt; Gore Development Limited, $90,000.00 for the construction of concrete curbs and channels; Spot Valley Investments will provide all base material; Paradise Real Estate will provide 20 tons of asphalted concrete, curb walls and backhoe, inclusive of fuel and driver, while West Indies Home Contractors (WIHCON), has committed to provide all equipment and personnel.
The work is scheduled to get underway in early April and should be completed within six weeks.
Addressing participants at the signing ceremony, Mayor of Montego Bay Councillor Charles Sinclair, said that the St. James Parish Council was in full support of any development to enhance the lives and economic prosperity of community members.
He noted that the collaborative effort of the respective organisations in planning the rehabilitation of the stretch of roadway from Rose Hall through two new housing developments, Rhyne Park and Rose Vale Estates, is a step in the right direction.
“I applaud all the stakeholders who have made substantial contributions toward the expected rehabilitation of this roadway which, on completion, will serve hundreds of residents in the Rhyne Park, Banana Spring, Cornwall, Spot Valley, Kings Vale and adjoining areas. I feel very pleased to see this type of joint venture initiative, which shows that public and private sectors can work harmoniously for the betterment of citizens and the parish at large,” Mayor Sinclair said.
Councillor for the Rose Hall Division, in which the development will take place, Harold Henry, expressed deep appreciation to all the stakeholders for the rehabilitation works, “which are very timely and well needed in the division.”
“I am very overjoyed, as the project will benefit a lot of the citizens. I want to say thanks to Member of Parliament Edmund Bartlett and all the other stakeholders for their efforts and contributions to make this rehabilitation possible,” Councillor Henry told JIS News.

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