RGD Customers Can Now Use Express and Seven Day Services to Update Records

Customers of the Registrar General’s Department (RGD) may now apply for all record-updating services, except Late Registration, using the express and seven day services. The usual express services fees will apply.
The move will benefit customers applying for Late Entry of Name, Correction of Error, Addition of Father’s Particulars, and Re-registration.
Speaking with JIS News, Chief Executive Officer of the RGD, Dr. Patricia Holness, informed that the initiative “comes as the agency improves the timeliness in which record-updating activities are completed”.
Commenting on the exclusion of Late Registration from the services being offered through express and seven day services, Dr. Holness, explained that, because Late Registration is a matter of creating an identity, it is important that sufficient time is allowed for securing as much evidence as possible to identify the individual. “It takes a longer time because when persons submit their applications, they often have to leave to secure the necessary evidence that is needed and may have to attend several other places before returning to us to have the matter finalized,” she noted.
However, she pointed out that in special cases, Late Registrations may be done expeditiously.
In addition, she said that through technological innovation, the RGD has been able to reduce the time it takes to update records, making it easier for customers to ensure that the “information that is on all their records are in agreement with each other”.
“Some of our records are now electronic and hence we can obtain certain evidence internally to support, for example, the name and status of an individual without having to ask the individual to take it to us,” Dr. Holness said.
According to the CEO, prior to November 2003, the RGD was offering record updating on the express and seven day services. During this time, the Department reviewed its approach toward record updating by introducing a number of measures, including the electronic scheduling of appointments and conducting interviews at all regional offices.
“The improvements,” she stated, “have resulted in great efficiencies in a number of areas and we now feel comfortable that we are able to satisfy our customers on the seven day and express services.” Dr. Holness further noted that additional staff will be redeployed to the Record Updating Unit to counter any unforeseen increases in applications.
In the case of older applications, the RGD will ensure that where there is the possibility of applying internal evidence, such as marriage and children’s records to support an application, this will be done. However, the RGD is reminding customers to ensure that all forms are properly completed and signatures and seals obtained where necessary in order to expedite the process. In the last financial year, the RGD received and processed more than 28,000 record-updating applications.

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