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    Residents of St. Elizabeth will be engaged in more than 100 community development projects throughout the parish on Monday, May 25, in response to the national call to put work into Labour Day.
    Of the total, about 60 will be supported by the Social Development Commission (SDC) parish office, with the Parish Council accounting for another 40.
    The parish project is the rehabilitation of the Pisgah Basic School, including the reroofing of a section of the building and the painting of the external walls. “Come the 26 of May, the students will be in a better learning/teaching environment,” said Parish Manager of the St. Elizabeth SDC, Sandra Emanuel.
    She noted that Labour Day is an empowering experience and the volunteer of time and resources by persons, will contribute to the progress of communities.
    “As a people and community, when we face grave challenges, we always bond together and help each other to rise above the storm. Labour Day 2009 is no different, so I urge everyone to let us do it again, come out and ‘Catch the Vibes’,” Mrs. Emanuel urged.
    National Labour Day 2009 will be observed under the theme: ‘Ketch the Vibes: Volunteerism, Intervention, Beautification, Empowerment for Success’.

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