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Work is now underway to repair the arcade section of the Brown’s Town market in St. Ann. Ian Boyd Brown, Commercial Services Manager at the St. Ann Parish Council, told a meeting of vendors at the Brown’s Town Anglican Church Hall recently, that the areas to be dealt with were the roofing, lighting and drainage systems.
He said the roof would be so designed to take advantage of natural lighting. “The contractors will be using translucent sheeting in some areas of the roof so as to enhance the lighting system. A ceiling will also be put in place to conceal the inner framework of the roof and major repairs will also be done to prevent any further leaking in the roof,” he said.
Mr. Boyd Brown also mentioned that lighting fixtures would be placed at strategic points and that the Parish Council would be dealing with the matter of “short-outs” in the electrical circuit as soon as possible.
” In addition, quite a number of drains will be put in place to accommodate storm waters. Other drains will be constructed outside as well to channel water from the roof to flow into the underground tank where it will be stored and used to wash the floors of the market from time to time,” he explained.
Mr. Brown encouraged the vendors to try, as best as possible, to accommodate the contractors in order for the work on the market to be completed by the end of the month. “Support the contractors and get the work moving on the market so that Brown’s Town will be able to return to normality,” he stated.

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