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Feature | December 18, 2013
National Security Minister Peter Bunting recently launched a multisectoral campaign aimed at reducing crime, dubbed Unite for Change. The Minister sat down with Ian Boyne to discuss the campaign. Here now is an excerpt of this conversation.
Presenter: Karlene Brown-Thompson
Producer: Karlene Brown-Thompson
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Feature | April 2, 2020
On Monday, March 30, the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development launched an extensive sanitization drive, targeting infirmaries and golden age homes. The Vineyard Town Golden Age Home houses over 400 senior citizens, aged 60 years and older who are served by a regular staff complement of more than 150. Listen to get the details.
Presenter: Vanessa Silvera
Producer: Vanessa Silvera
Feature | April 1, 2020
Typically major disruptions to Jamaica’s manufacture and agriculture sector are caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes or flooding, but in recent weeks the sectors have faced a challenge from an unprecedented factor - the coronavirus (COVID-19). The recent arrival of the coronavirus (COVID 19) in the island has caused widespread panic among members of the public, with many flocking supermarkets to ensure they stock up on supplies. Press play to find out what the government is doing to secure our food supply.
Presenter: Andrae Palmer
Producer: Andrae Palmer
Feature | April 1, 2020
Presenter: Various Artiste
Producer: MOFPS
Feature | April 1, 2020
Each year the Government of Canada facilitates opportunities for Jamaican students to pursue academic studies in Canada through the EduCanada student recruitment fairs, staged by the Canadian High Commission. Trade Commissioner, Canadian High Commission, Yasmin Chong, was recently a guest on JIS Radio’s Studio 58A, where she outlined for host Vaughn Davis the details of the upcoming EduCanada Fair, and how local students can participate. Press play to hear more.
Presenter: Andrae Palmer
Producer: Vaughn Davis
Feature | April 1, 2020
Numerous false messages relating to the COVID-19 have been spreading across the country on social media, causing more stress in an already challenging period. As the situation is a developing one, persons are encouraged to only take information on the COVID-19 from trusted sources including those operated by the World Health Organization or the Government. Press play to find out how to avoid being misinformed about COVID19.
Presenter: Anthony Morgan
Producer: Anthony Morgan
Feature | April 1, 2020
Young children who have become victims of violence can now understand some sensitive issues they may be grappling with through the Victim Services Division, VSD series of animation through the Ministry of Justice. Press play to learn more about the positive impact of this initiative.
Presenter: Jermi-Lee Nelson
Producer: Jermi-Lee Nelson
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