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Young people in Hanover are to benefit from training in gardening techniques through an alliance between the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) and the HEART Trust/NTA.
Parish Manager for RADA Hanover, Bernard Goffe, told JIS News that the training would be offered at the Kenilworth Academy in the parish and upon successful completion, participants will receive a level one certification from HEART.
He pointed out that the course, which is the brainchild of RADA, would get underway within the next four to six weeks, with an initial batch of 20 participants. The duration of the training is six weeks and will cover topics such as employability skills; use, maintenance and storage of gardening tools and equipment; occupational safety; gardening techniques; irrigation; plant propagation; general crop care; types of gardens; and pets and pet care.
“We have now completed and settled on the curriculum of the course and have also identified the resource persons. We also now have participants, who have shown interest and have made their applications to participate in this course,” Mr. Goffe told JIS News.He further informed that, “we are now waiting to conduct interviews of these participants, and we hope to commence this course by the middle of February.”
The RADA parish manager stated that the training comes against the need for competent gardeners within Hanover/St. James. He said that his office has been receiving numerous requests for assistance in identifying persons with gardening skills, and has been having a hard time fulfilling those requests.
With several major development projects slated to take place within Hanover and St. James over the next few months, it had become evident that persons with that particular skill would be in great demand, Mr. Goffe told JIS News, while noting that the initiative would help to reduce unemployment among the youth.
According to Mr. Goffe, the cost for the course will be borne by the HEART Trust along with contributions from the members of parliament within the parish. The only qualifications required of participants are good behaviour and being functionally literate, he emphasized.
He said that Hanover RADA parish office has received full endorsement for the course from a number of organizations within the parish, including the Hanover Parish Council.

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