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A public education campaign, aimed at sensitizing Jamaicans about the importance of productivity to national development, is among measures to be undertaken by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, as it seeks to boost the levels of output in the public and private sectors.

According to portfolio Minister, Hon. Derrick Kellier, there is a lack of contribution and commitment of all “able-bodied’ citizens,” which is affecting the ability to build a strong and resilient productivity culture in the country.

“We have to build the awareness level in the country, and everyone has to be on board because we won’t get the results we want if everyone is not in full understanding of what productivity is all about, and what it means to the growth and development of the country, as well as the individual,” he stated.

“We are working to have a scenario created where businesses will become more productive, so that their goods can become more competitive both in the local and overseas markets. This will give them more economic clout, and they will be able to expand their businesses, and employ more persons, which will enhance economic growth,” he noted further.

Minister Kellier was speaking at a Think Tank held on May 21 at the Jamaica Information Service’s (JIS) head office in Kingston.

He stated that as part of the effort to boost productivity, the Government has increased the Jamaica Productivity Centre (JPC) budget by approximately 27 per cent for this fiscal year.

The increased allocation, Mr. Kellier said, will allow the centre to be more actively involved in what the Ministry has dubbed “the productivity revolution”.

The Minister stressed that productivity is the one key element that can move the country forward and realize the Vision 2030 goal of making Jamaica “the place of choice, to live, work, raise families, and do business”.

Contact: Jeneva Gordon