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The Port Antonio Baptist Church, Portland, has embarked on a number of missions to improve the lives of persons in the parish.

One initiative is a breakfast programme which feeds approximately 30 homeless persons in Port Antonio each Monday, and a lunch programme providing a hot meal for over 50 indigents/shut-ins on Thursdays.

Dubbed God’s Table Initiative, the project is being undertaken by the Women’s Federation Department of the church.

In an interview with JIS News, Pastor of the Port Antonio Baptist Church, Rev Dayne Grant, said the church has always embraced missions which seek to satisfy the spiritual, social and economic needs of the people.

He said that, in addition to the initiative, the God’s Hand aspect of the ministry, which is assisted by Food for the Poor, donates food items, small household items and over-the-counter medication to members of the community in need of that type of assistance.

Outlining other outreach ministries the church is currently involved in, Rev Grant said a day care facility, which also offers after school care to children whose parents are at work, is another area in which the institution seeks to serve.

He added that plans are in place to offer classes in basic mathematics and English to the community, free of cost, and additional subjects as the need arises. The establishment of an entrepreneurial programme, will empower young persons to initiate their own income generating business ventures.

Linnett Bell and Carmen Morgan, members of the Women’s Federation, are pleased to be involved in the efforts to improve the lives of others.

They said that, as a church body, we saw the needs of the people and (we) have embarked on these missions as a Christian gesture. We are happy that we can make others feel loved and appreciated,” they stated.

Leroy Chung and Henry Green, who have benefitted significantly from the God’s Table aspect of the programme, said they were happy to be provided with a warm meal, as well as the love and care offered by the members.


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