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Head of the St. Catherine North Police Division, Superintendent Asan Thompson, has said that the police will be stepping up its social intervention programme in the March Pen Road community as it seeks to contain crime in the division.
Superintendent Thompson, who was speaking at the official opening of the March Pen Road/Corletts Road Community Centre yesterday (December 3), said that the division has been employing a three-pronged approach to crime, under the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s (JCF) Community Safety and Security Initiative, which comprises containment, displacement and social intervention.
However, he said it is time to step up the social intervention aspect in the March Pen Road area, with community consultations as an important part of the thrust. “We want to …meet with the citizens and the Crime Prevention Committee so that we can have discussions on matters before they get out of hand and before they are solved by the gun,” he stated.
He gave a commitment to the residents to bring the division’s mobile police station to the community, periodically.
“Some days we will roll it right here, if we can be afforded the use of the centre, so that we can meet with some of the citizens, who have minor conflict. Instead of crossing the road and walking over into some territories where you might have some problems, come right here and the police will be here. We can meet, we can discuss those problems and you can go back to your homes safely,” he promised.
Other areas of focus include conflict resolution and mediation, re-introduction of a neighbourhood watch programme and revival of the police youth club in the area.
The March Pen/ Corletts Road area is often plagued by violence resulting from conflicts between various sections of the community. The community centre was renovated under the Community Safety and Security Initiative in a bid to unite the area and reduce the level of crime.

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