JIS News

Earlier today the Security Forces launched an operation in Tivoli Gardens and surrounding areas of Western Kingston.
This Joint Military/Police operation is aimed at executing a warrant issued by the Courts of Jamaica for the arrest of Michael Christopher Coke otherwise called “Dudus” as well as to restore the area to stability after three consecutive days of barricading by criminal elements and wanton attacks on the police force.
During the operation seven members of the Security Forces were injured. Six of the seven were shot, one succumbed to his injuries. The other was injured in an accident.
The operation is still ongoing and the Security Forces are resolute in bringing the area to stability so that law-abiding citizens of Western Kingston and its environs can get on with their lives in peace.
The Security Forces are reminding residents of Kingston and St. Andrew that there is a limited State of Emergency in effect and residents are asked to remain indoors.

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