PM Receives Portmore Petition

A delegation from the Portmore/Hellshire community this morning (Thursday, March 15, 2007) presented a 4,200 signature petition to Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, seeking her intervention in addressing what the group described as the “unjust situation facing us as a result of the conversion of the Portmore Causeway to a toll road.”
The residents are seeking a reduction of the toll charge to $30 for class one vehicles and $70 for class two vehicles. The current charges are $60 and $100 respectively.
The 8-point petition presented to the Prime Minister is also seeking a 24 month moratorium on any increase in the toll rate.
In an immediate response, the Prime Minister charged Development Minister, Hon. Donald Buchanan with the responsibility of chairing a team comprising representatives of the Ministry of Housing,Transport, Water & Works, the National Works Agency, Trans Jamaica Highway and National Road Operating and Constructing Company Ltd. to meet with a group from the Portmore Community to discuss the petition and put forward their recommendation for consideration by Cabinet.
Mrs. Simpson Miller praised the residents for the responsible manner in which they have dealt with their concerns, noting the dialogue and understanding was welcomed.
Representing the Portmore citizens at the meeting were Ms. Yvonne McCormack of the Portmore Citizens Advisory Council, Mr. Byron Buckley of the All Hellshire Leadership Council, Mr. Howard Hamilton of the Greater Portmore Joint Citizens Association and Mr. Dolkeith Harriott.

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