JIS News

Minister of Housing, Transport, Water and Works, Robert Pickersgill has expressed satisfaction with the improvement work done on Passage Fort Drive in Independence City, Portmore.
Minister Pickersgill, who toured the rehabilitated roadway as well as several others in Kingston and St. Catherine on February 8, said he was impressed with the improvement works.
“This is one of the best pieces of roadwork in the country. This was done by the government at a cost of millions of dollars,” he pointed out.
Mr. Pickersgill said that road signs, traffic lights and bus stops would be installed on the roadway soon. “It’s all a question of resources and we should keep in mind that the rest of the country has to be dealt with also,” he added.
Addressing concerns from residents about motorists speeding on the roadway, the Minister said that a public education campaign would have to be implemented to remind road users to obey the speed limit and to use the roadway correctly.
In an interview with JIS News, Project Director for Bouygues Travaux Publics, Jean-Noel Foulard, explained that significant adjustments had to be made to prevent flooding in the area.
“There was no drainage here, so what we did is build the road at the level it should be and then put in proper drainage all along the length of the roadway to collect the run-off. Everyone is now happy, especially now that they have proper access to their homes and business places,” he said.
Councillor for the Independence City Division of the Portmore Municipality, Keith Blake said he was pleased with the rehabilitation work done on the road.
“I’m happy with the road and the residents accept it also, except that the traffic and crossing signals are needed as well as signs indicating the speed limit, because drivers are now speeding and putting the residents at risk,” he said.