Petrojam donates books to Kingston schools

State-run oil refinery, Petrojam, has donated just under $1 million worth of books to the St. Andrew Primary and the Greenwich All-Age schools in Kingston.
The books were presented to the Principals of both institutions on Wednesday (October 20). They formed part of Petrojam’s community outreach programme, administered by a special committee of employees.
Petrojam’s General Manager, Winston Watson, said the initiative arose out of the committee’s recognition of the challenges being experienced by parents of students from neighbouring communities in ensuring their children are able to learn.
He added that there was further recognition of how “increasingly intertwined” the books have become with the curriculum, while lamenting that many children enter the primary school system without the necessary skills and tools to succeed in a competitive environment.
Mr. Watson said the committee initiated the book drive, with members putting up funds which were matched by Petrojam, amounting to just under $1 million. The money was used to purchase 1,120 Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) workbooks and support material for pupils being prepared to sit GSAT and the Grade Four Literary Test. Each school was given 560 books.
“One of the things that we’re going to have is (for) the Principals (to) submit the results of the performance of the students at the end of the school year, so we can see how this activity will be bearing fruit, and then we can monitor it on an ongoing basis,” Mr. Watson stated.
“We are operating in a community where we, at Petrojam, feel that it is part of being a good corporate citizen, to give back to the surrounding communities. We recognise education as being a very important part of (that) process,” Mr. Watson said.
Vice Principal of St. Andrew Primary, Claudette Jackson, said the books will assist in preparing candidates for both the GSAT and Grade Four Literacy Test.
Principal of Greenwich All Age, Bryan Guscott, alluded to the longstanding relationship the school shares with Petrojam, and expressed the hope that this will be strengthened.
“I want us to continue the relationship, as you do your part as corporate citizen and as we do our part in educating our students, so that we can work together,” Mr. Guscott said.

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