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As the recovery effort continues in St. Mary, following the passage of Hurricane Ivan, 34 persons in the parish are still housed in three shelters as a result of damage done to their homes.Some 5,000 persons were housed in more than 100 shelters in various communities during the period immediately following the hurricane.
The reduction in the figure is an indication of how speedily the necessary repairs have been done to damaged houses, so the residents could return home.The shelters currently in operation are the Annotto Bay Revival Church, the Old Enfield Basic School, and the Mango Valley Community Centre.
Co-ordinator for the St. Mary Disaster Committee, Wendel Matthews told JIS News that the operating shelters were all located in South Eastern St. Mary, as that area was the worst hit section of the parish.
He noted that careful monitoring of the shelters was being carried out by the Jamaica Red Cross, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, and the Ministry of Health, to ensure that the persons were cared for, and that satisfactory health standards are maintained.
Mr. Matthews said every effort was being made to encourage these persons to rehabilitate their homes as early as possible, in order for them to return and continue with their own recovery process.In the meantime, the National Works Agency (NWA) is reporting that most roads in St. Mary, which were made impassable as a result of the hurricane, have been cleared, at least to accommodate single lane traffic.
The NWA’s Community Relations Officer for the North Eastern Region, Collin Morrison told JIS News that the work was done as a result of the combined effort of the agency and its contractors in the parish.

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