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Students of the Ocho Rios Primary School in St. Ann now have a play and learn park, where they can have clean and wholesome fun, while building their vocabulary.
The facilities at the park, which was officially opened on Monday (June 22), comprise a monkey bar, two see-saws, a swing set, and old tyres, which children can run through. The tyres have words written on them to help the students with their spelling and word skills.
Project Coordinator and Culture Agent at the school, Althea Green, told JIS News that the idea for the play area was inspired by the performance of the Jamaican athletes at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.
“Through the performance of the Jamaicans…the principal saw the vision and gave us some boosting spirit to do some new things at the school, and I chose to do a play area for the children and something that is spirited,” Ms. Green said, noting that the project took a lot of hard work.
She said that while the amenities were few “we are hoping to get some more.”
Principal of the school, Herman Grant, appealed to the students to take the best care of the park and to be responsible owners.
“Our society is not very friendly when it comes to the environment and so we are trying to create in our boys and girls, a habit of good environmental care, utilising play, and also infusing learning with play,” Mr. Grant told JIS News.
He said that the school population was happy for the play and learn area, and commended the efforts of those community members, who were involved in making the project a reality.
Deputy head girl, Sandi-Kay Richards, said that the park was an excellent idea. “It helps the children to learn. There are words on tyres that, while at play, students could practise spelling these words, so that if and when they get a spelling test, they will be able to remember the words,” she noted.

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