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    Funds have been successfully deposited into the accounts of over 2,000 participants in the July phase of the National Youth Service Summer Employment Programme (NSEP).

    Director of Finance, National Youth Service (NYS), Richard Depass, said the necessary documents were submitted to the bank for disbursement of the funds on

    August 3, however, due to a technical glitch, payments were not made until Wednesday (Aug. 8). 

    “The bank was very supportive in trying to assist us to identify the issues…we were on it at every moment of the day, trying to ensure that the payments were made, and we tried our very best for them to be done on time,” he told JIS News.

    Mr. Depass said that the NYS has taken the necessary steps to prevent delayed payments for future programmes.

    The NSEP managed to successfully engage secondary and tertiary students, including persons with disabilities, in valuable work experience, during the summer months of July and August 2012.

    NSEP aims to provide an avenue for students to understand and appreciate the concept of volunteerism in the development of Jamaica and the global village; and for them to show civic responsibility through volunteerism/work experience.

    Through the summer programme, the NYS seeks to reinforce key values needed for the personal and career development of participants.

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