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The National Works Agency (NWA) is conducting a programme of road repairs in sections of Portland, as it pursues its mandate of development and maintenance of roadways throughout the country.
The programme involves the rehabilitation of 1.3 kilometres of roadway between Port Antonio and Hectors River, and 8,500 metres square of sheet patching to other sections of the same corridor.
The project which began on Tuesday (September 22), is being carried out by the special projects section of the NWA, and is expected to last for three months.
Speaking to the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), during an interview on Tuesday (September 29), Senior Community Relations Officer of the NWA, Collin Morrison, said special emphasis will be placed on sections of the roadway in the communities of Fair Prospect, Blue Hole, Drapers and Long Bay, which are in a bad state of disrepair.
He said the project is being carried out simultaneously with the work being done to rehabilitate the roadway in the area, and to repair the Alligator Church Bridge at Seaman’s Valley.
Also speaking to the JIS was NWA Special Projects officer, Desmond Robe, who said that repairs being conducted are in continuation of the improvements resulting from the completion of segment three of the Northern Coastal Highway.

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