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The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) is to collaborate with parish councils in its public education effort of encouraging persons to dispose of their garbage appropriately.

Regional Operations Manager for the NSWMA, Eifert Daley, said a great deal of time is spent by the agency to clean the streets of waste thrown by persons who refuse to utilize the many receptacles at various points across the island, and the partnership would result in more persons being ticketed for breaching the anti-litter law.

Mr. Daley, who was speaking at the Trelawny Parish Council monthly meeting on February 14, said this collaboration would also result in personnel of the NSWMA spending less time keeping the areas clean.

“We are wasting too much time walking behind persons, who see the receptacles and throw their (garbage) on the ground. We need to give them tickets,” Mr. Daley emphasized.

He told the meeting that the NSWMA has placed two compactors in the parish, as a compactor can carry four times what a tipper truck hauls.

On the issue of trucks, Mr. Daley said they have been overhauled, and are now in better working condition. He said the collection of garbage will be done in all zones, at least once a week, and pleaded with citizens to separate their garbage.

“The sweeping and general work in all the zones have been done in keeping with the Authority’s standards. The Authority endeavours to return all sections of the parish to a once per week scheduled pick up. As was previously communicated, we expect to improve the efficiency of the current fleet to beyond sixty per cent,” he said.