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Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator the Hon. A.J Nicholson, has challenged the Jamaica 50 Canada committee, to continue to engage the Diaspora in a meaningful way.

The Minister was speaking at the 'Jamaica Land We Love' gala at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto on August 11, which was hosted by the Committee.

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He praised Jamaicans in Canada for their continued assistance and support to the island.

"We recognise that the successes that you have had in your new homeland are examples for our people at home and that you are willing to share that with us, be it through skills training or other exchanges to transfer knowledge, the creation of businesses, trade links, investments, or in the proposed Diaspora bonds," Senator Nicholson said.

He added that the Diaspora has assisted "in no mean fashion in erecting the platform that must see Jamaica fulfilling the economic and social promise of which it is undoubtedly capable."

"The platform for the platinum jubilee, 25 years hence, must continue to be strengthened, for now we have every reason to grasp the opportunities that exist, even in an unpredictable global environment. This is a message that is as relevant for the Government as it is for each Jamaican. That is the message from Toronto; that is the message from Canada," the Foreign Affairs Minister stated.

Senator Nicholson lauded the Jamaica 50 Canada Committee for choosing the theme: 'Jamaica Land We Love' for the gala dinner, noting that, "you have managed to capture the passion and allegiance that our people have toward their country of birth, the land of their heritage, during this anniversary year."

The Jamaica 50 Canada Committee was launched in March 2012. It seeks to showcase the outstanding contributions of Jamaicans in Canada; to foster tourist arrivals to Jamaica; to encourage youth of Jamaican heritage to be better informed and to support Jamaica; and to provide a legacy to Jamaica and Canada through charitable and other social and cultural initiatives.