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Overseas Jamaicans who contributed to the NHT up to 1999, can easily apply for a refund of their contributions through the NHT’s website at The NHT’s refunds-on-line service has been available since January 2006. Up to May 2007, more than 67,000 persons have claimed their refunds using that facility.
“Many of those who have applied are Jamaicans now living overseas”, says Michelle Campbell, Acting Manager, Contributions Refunds. “However, we believe that many others who have migrated are still not aware of this facility and have perhaps given up on the idea of getting back their money.” Mrs. Campbell continues.
All NHT contributors are due a refund of their money in the eighth year after it was paid to the Trust. The only restriction is that persons who have an NHT mortgage do not actually get an in-hand payment. The money due to them is instead credited to their mortgage account.
To apply from overseas, persons must have their NIS number and their TRN on hand. They will be asked to indicate how they wish to receive the funds. The NHT can mail the funds directly to the customer’s address overseas if his/her bank will honour the cheque. “Otherwise, we ask you to give us the number of a bank account in your name here in Jamaica. We will then send the cheque directly to your account or we can hold it for you if you intend to visit Jamaica within six months of applying.” Mrs. Campbell says.

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