JIS News

The ODPEM is outlining that there are approximately nine hundred and five (905) persons in shelters across the island as a precautionary measure. The following is an outline:
Parish Name of Shelter Number of Persons Clarendon Kemps Hill High School 20 Portland Cottage Primary School 371 Banks (Judiah Gospel) 9 Rest Primary School 3 Catholic Church (Portland Cottage) 46 Bustamante High School 64 Hayes Primary & Junior High 33 Manchester Kendal Basic School 42 Portmore, St. Catherine
Ascot High School 4 Southborough Primary School 2 St. Catherine Old Harbour High School 26 St. Thomas Morant Bay Primary 27 Kingston & St. Andrew St. Benedicts Church 42 Other 14 St. Thomas Seaforth High School Over 100 persons
Morant Bay Primary 42 Llandewey Comm. Centre 28 Old Pera Primary 22 Portland Claverty Cottage 13 Bellview All Age 10 Buff Bay Primary 6 Buff Bay Church of Prophecy 2 Comfort Castle 12 St. Elizabeth Magotty high School 20 TOTAL 22 905

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