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Minister of National Security, Senator the Hon. Dwight Nelson, said that the security forces will be addressing crime in Clarendon as a matter of priority.
He was speaking at a community consultation hosted by the Ministry of National Security on July 15 at the St. Gabriel’s Anglican Church Hall in May Pen, Clarendon.
He said that not only was Clarendon the fastest growing area for commerce, but it had become “one of the major crime citadels in the country,” with 538 major crimes recorded in the parish for the period January 1 to July 12, 2009.
He attributed the increase to the easy access to the parish by criminals from the neighbouring towns of Spanish Town and Kingston, via Highway 2000.
He noted that while crime fighting policies are being formulated and the security forces are seeking to optimise their efficiency, the citizenry have a critical, supportive role to play in ensuring that criminality is effectively dealt with, and social and economic stability maintained.
Minister Nelson argued that the frightening crime statistics, particularly for Clarendon, suggests that those of the criminal underworld had honed their skills to such a sophisticated degree, and shared such a closely connected network, that only the concerted and diligent efforts of citizens, who are determined to put an end to the lawlessness; and members of the security forces, will be able to effectively curtail this scourge.
“I have no doubt that the majority of people in this parish want to live in a peaceful and prosperous parish, and a peaceful and prosperous country. All the available evidence confirms that we are not dealing with ordinary criminals, but with the highly sophisticated and ruthless criminal groups, which pose a serious threat to the authority of the Government, and the sovereignty of the nation,” he lamented.
“This situation requires a united force, a united effort by the security forces and the community to restore public order and to manage crime effectively. We have to, against the background of the challenges facing the nation, and the knowledge that national unity and a sense of purpose are critical to our social and economic stability. Integral to this process is a consensus and a working partnership of the law-abiding, in order to effectively manage crime and violence,” Minister Nelson stated.
For the period January 1 to July 12, 2009, 79 murders were committed in Clarendon. There have been 80 incidents of shooting, 41 cases of carnal abuse, 142 cases of robbery, and 163 break-ins.

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