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Minister of National Security Senator the Hon. Dwight Nelson, has praised the work of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) in defending the country against all threats, assuring that the army will continue to play a pivotal role in the nation’s security.
“You have been commendable in carrying out responsibilities in many areas. No commendation can be too great for the leaders of the Jamaica Defence Force, who have put heart and soul into the cause over the past 47 years,” he stated, encouraging unity as the members continue to carry out their task.
The Minister was speaking at the recent Passing Out parade for Intake 100 held at the Moneague Training Camp in St. Ann.
He commended the new members for successfully completing more than three months of intense preparation and training.
“The 101 of you, including potential officers, who stand here today, have been put through three and a half months of rigid training. Having been tested and tried in a range of areas, you are now ready to apply your preparation beyond the training ground,” he said.
Minister Nelson urged the new members to always remember their training and to steer clear of activities “that would undermine your efforts as good soldiers.”
“As you venture out in an anticipated state of readiness to serve your country, I pledge my unequivocal support to you and your colleagues in your endeavours to keep this nation safe,” he stated, while lauding “the leaders for the role they have played in formulating the training programmes for you and other young soldiers.”
Roland Gray, who won the coveted Best Recruit award, said it was through determination and dedication that he had successfully made it through the training programme.
Roland’s mother, Sonia Hemmings, told JIS News that she was proud of her son’s achievement. “I feel so good. I have tried so hard with my son, without a father, and today I am overjoyed to see my son’s dream come true,” she said.
“From the age of seven, he has always been saying that his ambition is to become a soldier and I pray for him night and day that God would make his dream come true and today his dream has come true,” Mrs. Hemmings said.
She is appealing to single parents to stand strong and support their children, instilling positives in them and encouraging them to hold fast to their dreams, believing that one day they will come true.

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