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Business consultant, Aubyn Hill, has challenged the 2009 graduating class of Munro College to continue to work hard and uphold the school’s high moral principles and lofty standards of excellence.
Mr. Hill, who is a past student of Munro College, told the graduates of the all-boys institution, that these qualities will serve them well in their professional and personal lives.
“If you want to be young people, who still celebrate excellence, you must develop a clear moral compass that subjects your decisions to the right and wrong test. Make yourself accountable; good men, strong men, are accountable. Work hard and smart, it is a sure way to celebrate excellence,” he stated.
Mr. Hill, who was delivering the keynote address at the institution’s annual graduation and prize-giving ceremony held recently on the school grounds in Malvern, further encouraged the boys to be honest and truthful in their conduct and to always be prepared to give account of their actions.
“Show me someone, who makes himself accountable to others, and takes responsibility for his or her behaviour and I will show you someone well on the way to success,” he said.
Meanwhile, Principal of Munro College, Bradford Gayle, in his school report, noted the students’ strong performance in the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) tests with 117 of the 128 students, who sat the exam passing five or more subjects.
There was a 95 per cent pass rate for English Language, with half of the students receiving grade one, while 107 students passed Mathematics.
The results of the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) were just as impressive, with 53 of the 57 young men, who took Unit 2 subjects qualifying for the University of the West Indies (UWI).
“I am happy that we have achieved what we set out to achieve, and the school is.on a course, which will take it to greater heights,” Mr. Gayle said.

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