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The Ministry of Labour and Social Security issued a statement Wednesday (January 11) denying reports of job recruitment at the Braco Resort, Trelawny, later this month.

The Ministry was responding to "advertisements circulated through the social networks and the electronic media” about the recruitment at the Government owned resort.

"It has come to the attention of the National Insurance Fund (NIF) that advertisements have been circulating through social networks and the electronic media that hiring will take place at Braco Resort in Trelawny on January 21 and 23, 2012," the Ministry said.

"The Ministry of Labour and Social Security and the National Insurance Fund wish to advise that the source of this message is not known, and there is no truth to the information," it stated.

It also pointed out that the NIF, and the intended operator of the property, “take no responsibility for the advertising campaign and advise that it is unfounded”.

The Ministry said that the public will be properly advised, if and when it becomes necessary to recruit staff for the Resort.

The 250-room hotel, owned by the NIF, which falls under the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, was closed last April after former lessee, SuperClubs, gave up its 15-year-old hold on the property.


By Balford Henry, JIS Senior Editor

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