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Minister without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Information and Telecommunications, Hon. Daryl Vaz, will be appointing a private sector representative to do a comprehensive evaluation of agencies which fall under his portfolios.
He was speaking on June 26 at a retreat for officials from various departments and agencies under the Ministry, at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in New Kingston.
Mr. Vaz said that while there are persons within the Ministry who are competent enough to do the evaluation, it would be useful to have someone from outside.
He said the person would be able to suggest ways in which the Ministry could be streamlined, and how agencies and departments can better collaborate to become more efficient and cut costs.
“Don’t worry, that person is not coming to take away anybody’s job, but to help me to shine in this new portfolio,” he said.
On the matter of streamlining and cutting costs, Mr. Vaz asked officials present to consider areas under their stewardship which could be better handled by other agencies, to avoid overlaps.
“I’ve found in dealing with Government agencies and ministries that there is this thing about turf, and sharing of information is not something they easily do,” he stated.
During the retreat, Mr. Vaz demonstrated that the Ministry was determined to cut the reliance of some departments on the budget. He said that the Creative Production and Training Centre (CPTC) has been directed to prepare a strategic plan to graduate to an independently funded agency. The Jamaica Information Service (JIS) also needed to reduce its budgetary dependence on the Government, he said.

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