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Jamaica’s Minister of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports, the Honourable Olivia “Babsy” Grange, has accepted an invitation from CARICOM to be the Minister of Culture who will “lead, provide expert advice and ‘Champion’ the many issues on the culture agenda of the CARICOM Region.”
A letter to Minister Grange from CARICOM Assistant Secretary-General for Human and Social Development, Dr. Edward Greene, said the 19th Meeting of the Regional Cultural Committee held in Guyana last year was unanimous in its view that given the depth of Minister Grange’s experience, expertise and vision for cultural development, she would make “an excellent Champion for Culture in CARICOM.”
The CARICOM Assistant Secretary-General said it had been recognized by culture officials and stakeholders alike that the Region was at a critical juncture in advancing the culture agenda within the Ministerial Councils of CARICOM and with Heads of Government of the Community.
He said the main areas to be addressed would be cultural industry development and the launching of the regional Task Force on Cultural Industries; the CARICOM Single Market and the free movement of artists and cultural workers in the Community; culture and the negotiation of trade agreements; implementing the strategic plan to restructure CARIFESTA and financing culture on a long term basis.
Dr. Greene said it was felt that the time was right to secure the commitment of CARICOM member states for concrete actions to advance cultural development in the Region.
In accepting the responsibility to be the Minister of Culture to champion culture in CARICOM, Minister Grange said she was honoured by CARICOM’s confidence in her ability to carry out the mandate defined by the Community.
“I have always regarded culture as being among the most important pillars for economic development in CARICOM. The Region has my commitment to work with everyone to intensify our efforts to build the cultural industries,” Miss Grange said.
Prime Minister Bruce Golding has fully endorsed Minister Grange’s role as the Champion for Culture in CARICOM.

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