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A recording studio is to be built at the Effortville Community Centre, Central Clarendon to help develop creative talent in the area.
Minister of Transport and Works, and Member of Parliament for Central Clarendon, Hon. Mike Henry, said that the project will be financed from his Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocations.
“It is part of my focus on the creative element of the society, which includes sports, music and fashion. It is a place where people from across the constituency will be able to produce their records. I will show them how to market it, not only here, but internationally,” Mr. Henry told JIS News.
He also disclosed that the studio will be built at a cost of over $6 million; it will be far advanced; and the installation of equipment will commence shortly.
“In a few months, it will be up and running and the people will have it for the development of their creative talents,” he said.
Turning to education, Mr. Henry said that during 2008/2009, he spent $4 million from the CDF for the upgrading of basic school infrastructure in Central Clarendon.
“The basic school is where the foundation starts, so we have adopted all 35 of them in the constituency,” he revealed.
He also said that he has embraced the work of the Rural Family Support Organisation (RUFAMSO) to train families on what school children in the constituency should eat.

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