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In commemoration of Jamaica’s 47th anniversary of Independence, the Bank of America tower, downtown Miami, Florida, USA, will be illuminated in the black, green and gold colours of the Jamaican flag, starting Friday (August 7) at dusk.
The 47-floor Miami landmark, located at International Place, will remain lit throughout the weekend until midnight on Sunday (August 9), as a tribute to the Jamaican Diaspora here in South Florida and in celebration of the nation’s Independence.
While it is not unusual for the Miami landmark building to be lit for special events, the commemorative lighting forms part of the schedule of activities celebrating Jamaica’s 47th anniversary now taking place in South Florida.
According to Jamaica’s Consul General, Sandra Grant Griffiths, “to see the Jamaican colours against the Miami skyline, will be a visible symbol of the spirit and creativity of the Jamaican community.”
Built in 1987, the building overlooks downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay, and is widely recognised for its changing palette of exterior lighting schemes timed to coincide with holidays and significant occasions. The prestigious landmark tower houses a wide range of modern office and communications infrastructure
Jamaica’s Diaspora advisory board member for the Southern USA, Marlon Hill, expressed pride in the project. He said that, as Jamaicans continue to celebrate their heritage and culture, the commemorative lighting is an acclamation of the maturity and growth of the Diaspora in South Florida.
Nearly 800,000 Jamaicans reside in Florida State, with the largest populations in the tri-county areas of South Florida – Dade, Broward and Palm Beach.

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