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With just over a month before the start of the 2004 Hurricane season, the Hanover Parish Council is preparing to undertake a major drain rehabilitation programme in the town of Lucea.
The Venture Gutter, which is the main drain that flows through the town, will come in for special attention.
In an interview with JIS News, Secretary/Manager of the Hanover Parish Council, Alfred Graham, pointed out that the Venture Gutter was in a very bad condition, and could cause flooding during the rainy season, if it was not cleaned.
“Some areas of this drain are clogged with debris, in some cases as much as two to three feet high, while in some areas the wall is collapsing, and if not given urgent attention this could result in flooding in the residential area of Haughton Gardens,” he said.
He said that technical personnel from the Parish Council have carried out an assessment of all the drains within Lucea. The Secretary/Manager divulged that it would cost $4.2 million to do remedial work on the drains.
“We have made a submission to the Ministry of Local Government and in discussions with senior representatives, we were advised that favourable consideration has been given to our request for funding, from the Equalisation Fund, to deal with this problem. It is expected that within a week we should be getting the first disbursement so that we can start preparing ourselves for the rainy season, by rehabilitating and cleaning some of these main drains in Lucea,” he said.

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