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Having pulled its service Monday evening, due to intense challenges associated with the ongoing conflicts in the Corporate Area and sections of St. Catherine, the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) resumed service this morning, but again with a number of limitations.
The company’s withdrawal from downtown Kingston remains in effect, with routes running easterly from downtown to destinations like Port Royal, Bull Bay and Harbour View now being restricted to Elletson Road, as the nearest point to the downtown area.
The 83 route, which normally runs from the Half-Way-Tree Transport Centre to downtown, remains in operation, but only between the centre and Mountain View Avenue, where possible.
All the buses out of the Spanish Town depot, including units to service a number of St. Andrew routes, were late, as the Central Village road was blocked overnight and there were early morning shootings in the area. The blockages have since been cleared by the police and the units started rolling out of the depot at 6 a.m.
The Spanish Town routes normally running to downtown Kinston are now being channeled via Three Miles into the HWTTC.
No service remains in effect between Portmore and downtown Kingston, with all the Portmore units travelling via Three Miles into Half-Way Tree. The number 17 Express route, which normally runs from Portmore to Heroes Circle via Marcus Garvey Drive and Parade in downtown Kingston, is now being operated via Three Miles, Half-Way Tree into Heroes Circle, with the reverse being applicable.
The 12a route between Naggo Head and Half-Way Tree was out of operation early in the morning due to overnight killings in the Newlands road area, which has presented major logistics challenges in navigating through the area. The route has since been resumed, with diversions through Cumberland and Southboro.
Also, Route 6 from Greater Portmore to Spanish Town is out of operation because of the closure of schools in the applicable areas. The route mainly serviced the school communities there.
The JUTC’s senior management team, headed by the Managing Director and the Executive Vice President for Operations, remains proactive in assessing the situation and challenges on an ongoing basis, in an effort to serve the commuting public as best as possible within the present operational limitations.

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