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    The Carlton Crescent offices of telecommunications company, LIME Jamaica, has been named 'LIME Square' and dedicated as a historic landmark in celebration of Jamaica's 50th anniversary of Independence.

    The area, which has been adorned with the colours of the Jamaican flag, was officially named and dedicated during a ceremony at that location in Kingston on July 31.

    Speaking with JIS News, LIME's Regional Vice-President for Marketing and Communications, Grace Silvera, said the decision was made to dedicate the area given its historic significance of being the "genesis of telecommunications in Jamaica."

    "Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876. By 1878, the first call was made from Jamaica. This is the epicentre of where it all happened…the telecommunications industry was born out of this location," she said.

    "So, we think that at this time in our history, as we celebrate Jamaica 50, that it’s fitting to dedicate this area as a national landmark, because telecommunications has transformed our industry, our lives and  our way of living,” Miss Silvera added.

    In her remarks, Minister of Youth and Culture, Hon. Lisa Hanna, said the Government and the Jamaica 50 Secretariat are grateful to LIME for being one of the first entities to come on board as a sponsor for the Jamaica 50 events.

    “You (LIME) have been there for us. Not only have you branded your stores, but you have made sure that the people within your different corners of the establishment feel Jamaica 50,” she said.

    The Minister explained that LIME is the “backbone that will be carrying our technological platform that will showcase to the world, and the four corners of this country, content that is supremely and authentically Jamaican."

    Mayor of Kingston, Angella Brown Burke, for her part, congratulated “the LIME family for the history that they have been creating and will continue to create."

    "I believe that in Jamaica, we like robust competition and we encourage that, because we believe that it is the consumers who benefit,” she added.

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